School Prejudices Against Left-Handed Children

Left-handed couturier scissors
Left-Handed Couturier Scissors by Garrett Wade on Flickr. Some rights reserved.

I have documented before how schools fail left-handed children and the experience of our own children at one school. (They later had worse trouble at another school where the Head said they should just adapt to a right-handed world and didn’t even believe you could use computers left-handed.)

This followed my own experiences in the Seventies when my secondary school failed to be supportive, not least in the use of fountain pens and also the enforced use of chairs with hinged desks that were only suitable for the right-handed. Some of that probably contributed to a chronic neck pain problem.

I might have hoped things would have changed. Not if my children’s schooling is anything to go by. And I now read of a school that forces left-handers to eat right-handed on the grounds of it being part of a social development programme, even though this caused one child to have tics and a stammer.

I would dearly like to hear some comments from educators on this issue. It’s outrageous. If schools think that simply providing left-handed scissors in the classroom is sufficient provision, they are deluded and complacent.

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  1. When I went to secondary one of the first teachers we had on the first day (and first lesson)picked on me for being left handed.I kept smudging my work because we had to use fountain pens not biros or pencils .It helped when using blotting paper under my hand so keeping my work clean from ink.Using tools was never a problem for me ,Knife and fork I use right handed,Im a retired Butcher so cutting meat no proplem,But it was for anyone teaching me when first learning the trade,D I Y easy for me !scissors,I use right handed ones ok!Working on my model railway easy too.Im in my late 60s and can not understand why this prejudice against us left handed people.Its so out moaded .Some of us lefties are very clever.


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