Poetry For The Australian Fires

Australian FiresAussie missiologist Michael Frost recently reproduced this cartoon on his Facebook page from a New Zealand newspaper. It rather sums up the extreme and dangerous weather going on in his homeland lately. Death, destruction and devastated lives are everywhere, along with amazing stories of bravery and heroism.

My faithful Australian commenter Pam has written a poem about her experiences of this, and with her permission I am glad to reproduce it below. It is based on what happened on 8th January. Please use it as a stimulus to pray for the people of her nation.

Catastrophic Warning by Pam Connor
Three phones in our house last night
Mobile VOIP landline.
“Have your emergency bushfire plan in place.  Catastrophic conditions for the Shoalhaven, Illawarra,
 Southern Tablelands tomorrow”
droned the non-human, inhumane voice.
Sydney Temperatures 130108Moments later, my friend in Ulladulla,
Her voice too calm,
“We should go and see The Hobbit tomorrow, three hours in an air-conditioned cinema.
 My treat for the choc-top”.
In the boot of my car, my shiny Honda,
Neatly stacked photo albums
my children grinning, black shoes shining,
First day of school.
My father at 21 years of age.
They tell me who I am.
A marriage certificate, my only one, must take that.
Some clothes, clean underwear, no holes.
Full tank of petrol.
My gardenias better survive,
Or there’ll be hell to pay.


    1. Thanks gpcox. The great concern for firefighters at the moment is an uncontrolled fire in the Warrumbungle National Park and surrounds in the northwest of the State. A number of properties have been destroyed – thankfully no loss of life. The giant telescopes of Siding Spring Observatory were saved, although many surrounding buildings did not survive. The men and women of the Rural Fire Brigades are doing an amazing job.


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