Benjamin Zander On Leadership

I came across this TED Talk by Benjamin Zander via Nancy Duarte‘s book ‘Resonate‘. Zander, an orchestral conductor, has a big vision for leadership that he doesn’t doubt. He wants everyone to love classical music. And he knows he is doing his job when the eyes of his people are shining. Quite a challenge for any leader.

Enjoy the video.


    1. Well, nice to hear from you, Colin!

      I have previously checked the adverts (which cover my costs) and that’s the first time anyone has said they have been for anything dubious. Up until now they have usually been for technology products. I checked in the wake of your comment and the ad was for NatWest – I suppose that counts as gambling? 🙂

      Email me privately and let me know how you are, where you are, etc.


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