Worship Leader Requests

What requests would you make of a worship leader? Tim Hawkins has three:

(Via ChurchLeaders.com)

Personally, I’m with the third one. The ‘Jesus is my boyfriend’ worship song is difficult for a number of reasons, but certainly a heterosexual male like me needs something different.


  1. If Tim Hawkins visits our church I’m taking the video recorder along. Could be good value for our ladies Christmas get-together.
    “At least with hymns you know when the song is over” – our organist needs to hear this.
    And our older gentlemen could get a little nervous about “prostate” instead of “prostrate”. 🙂


  2. Listening to the two men in my life watching their team winning, the male species can seem more able to get very passionate when they’re watching football players, and express it endearingly – ‘I love you Torres’, so I’m not sure I agree with Tim’s last point LOL. (although I do understand his & your perspective!) This morning I was singing in totally the wrong key for one song (lower than usual) because I forgot to put the cap on! See my Facebook status regarding a certain aspect of ‘knowing when the hymn ends’. Sometimes it feels ‘right’ to extend a song (within reason!) I like Tim’s humour that we can laugh at ourselves though!


  3. What a wonderful clip – both funny and searching. And a a male in very late 50s, I will pass, i hope, on comments about agnels falling before Him. I have experienced both the best and direst of traidiotnal and contemporary (charismatic) worship, and feel for it all. Mind you I have known hymns never seem to end, when the leader has repeated part verses/choruses ad nauseam.


  4. What a wonderful clip, bith hilarious and searching. And as a male with 60th birthday less than a year away, the comments about how angels fall sound some sort of note. I have know the dire and the uplifting in both traditional and contemporary (charismatic) worship. And I have known even hymns be murdered by endless repitition of parts of verses, refrains etc.


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