What Is Traditional Methodism?

My old college friend David Flavell has some provocative ideas:


  1. David

    Traditional whatever – perhaps an uncertain path.

    What is traditional CoE I sometimes ask myself as a Reader. The answer depends on who answers.

    The liturgy of BCP and Articles look Calvinistic in bias. But that would hardly be a true decription of how we look and carry on now. And many of the practices originally considered to be forbidden crept back in from the mid 19th century, and are now not uncommon. With the Articles BCP etc used in part as a basis for doing so.

    Perhaps it is a case of Semper reformanda if that is the right expression. Or what goes around comes around.

    I will not presume to comment on what is traditional Methodism

    I must now watch your video.


    1. Josephine,

      Welcome here and thank you for your comment. As I said above, David is a friend of mine since our days at college, training for the ministry together, so maybe I have a bias. He is a very different personality from me, but at heart he is an evangelist. He wants more people to follow Jesus Christ. I would not do things his way, because I am such a different person, and certainly his thoughts here are rather compressed and provocative (he likes being provocative). However, is it bad to have a concern for numbers in an age when numerical decline is so significant? I have also seen a gentle and caring side to David with hurting and broken people.


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