Ministry Alternatives, According To LinkedIn

Social media fail: If I ever want to quit the ministry (and believe me, I do sometimes), then social networking site for professionals LinkedIn has sent me some suggestions. Last night I had an email from them, entitled ‘Jobs you may be interested in’. So what do you think they would suggest to a minister?

One made some sense: top of the list was the idea that I should become a family therapist in nearby Guildford. There was also the post in digital media – they’ve spotted my interests, but I could never make a career of it.

But others? How about being the number two chef at Jamie Oliver‘s Fifteen restaurant in Cornwall? A mere three hundred mile commute! And didn’t Oliver set up Fifteen to help wild teenagers who had gone off the rails? Yes, a minister would care about that, but it doesn’t describe me.
And to top it, two jobs in telesales. Because if I’d got depressed as a minister, LinkedIn would see it as their social obligation to push me over the edge.

Ministry has never seemed so attractive. Thank you, LinkedIn!


  1. Well, if you are looking for your next assignment some of Linkedin’s suggestions makes sense. Others don’t. Just keep plodding on. Some bizarre suggestions are better than none. If you do take the job as a chef, let me know, we may pop in to see how well you cook…..


  2. I had a mercifully brief stint working in a restaurant kitchen as an impoverished student. I think I managed to make every mistake in the book and then some.
    I think you’re in the right spot, Dave. And think of the fringe benefits – I’m sure some of your parishioners would be good at making morning tea!! 🙂


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