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Ministry Alternatives, According To LinkedIn

Social media fail: If I ever want to quit the ministry (and believe me, I do sometimes), then social networking site for professionals LinkedIn has sent me some suggestions. Last night I had an email from them, entitled ‘Jobs you may be interested in’. So what do you think they would suggest to a minister?

One made some sense: top of the list was the idea that I should become a family therapist in nearby Guildford. There was also the post in digital media – they’ve spotted my interests, but I could never make a career of it.

But others? How about being the number two chef at Jamie Oliver‘s Fifteen restaurant in Cornwall? A mere three hundred mile commute! And didn’t Oliver set up Fifteen to help wild teenagers who had gone off the rails? Yes, a minister would care about that, but it doesn’t describe me.
And to top it, two jobs in telesales. Because if I’d got depressed as a minister, LinkedIn would see it as their social obligation to push me over the edge.

Ministry has never seemed so attractive. Thank you, LinkedIn!