Raoul Moat

Without in any way condoning the suffering he inflicted on others, how much emotional pain was Raoul Moat in? Read this from the BBC News account of his death:

A guest-house owner, who did not want to be named, told the BBC: “He actually said, the one thing that sticks in my mind, ‘I haven’t got a dad’… and he also said that, ‘nobody cares about me’.”

I repeat: I don’t condone anything Moat did. I am not making excuses for murder and attempted murder. But unresolved emotional pain wreaks havoc in people’s lives – and through them, in others, too.

UPDATE, 15th July 2010: Just thought I’d link to two stories that pertain to some of the discussion below: Raoul Moat tribute page removed and Gunman Roaul Moat asked for psychiatric help.


  1. Dave, I feel the same sense of concern. In fact, it is what drives my desire not to enforce the death penalty here in the States. I am hopeful that all humans can come to repentance and faith in Christ, and even though these are (in some cases) cold blooded killers, they might be warmed by Christ’s love. We know that scripture tells us that no sin is unforgivable (aside from maybe one that isn’t the case in this example), so we can just hope that others accept Christ at some point, though it’s too late for your case.


    1. Yes, Dan, that’s pretty close to how I feel, too. Not that we have the death penalty any more here, but certainly that no sinner (and that’s all of us) is outside the potential embrace of Christ’s love.


  2. It is hard to reach towards compassion when horrific crimes are committed. Moat certainly would have been in a lot of pain at the end – a horrible and sad ending to his life and the life he took. Sometimes it’s just as hard for us to feel compassion towards people we know – especially in the “small hurts” of life where it’s more comforting to hold on to anger, etc. Forgiveness grows out of humility and realism.


  3. David Cameron should realise it is quite possible for people to have sympathy for the victims of Raol Moat and for Raoul Moat himself a product of our society, that frequenly fails children we know it happens so when you hear his mother say’ he’d be better of dead’ and take into account other facts of his childhood you empathise children suffer harm are we realy as a society held to account parents agencies and state fail children in all manner of ways how many children become adults who feel no self worth the problem is the finger of all the blame then falls on them, its like the education system fails millions of children but not only are our young people blamed for failing themselves they themselves come to believe it and that they are worthless likewise with other childhood experiences. What will the next geeration and the next of adults be like we live in a world of greedy bankers greedy polititians who dont reflect the needs of our society whilst there are many who work for minimum wage ceo,s are now paid millions for one years work most people will believe anyway that the police wanted him dead for harming one of there own, people also have memories and views of when the police havent been held to account they dont hate the police but they are aware of their inperfections. it realy was a media circus like a new reality show gross inviting you to join in a animal hunt I feel the whole thing made it harder for a surrender. I dont excuse what he did and dont lack sympathy or the horror of his actions for his victims but you can see and understand why he came to be that person I wont dispute his girlfriend was afraid of him but to say her boyfriend was a policeman wasnt for the reason she has given she knew he was suffering a particular paranoia about the police


  4. Raoul Moat was massacred by the cowardly police simple as. This is NO shrine or a way to make him a legend, but a lot of people genuinely believe that the police should be disgraced with what they did to this man. They shot him twice with an unlicensed tasers that hadn’t even been tested yet and this caused Raoul Moat to shoot himself that is murder.

    The police did say that they would wait as long as it takes, there words. Yet they waited until 1am before deciding to kill him.


  5. There is no doubt that Raoul Moat was a troubled individual and should have received some form of help but unfortunately the system did not provide this help. Call me cynical though he obviously was not mad and the recordings he made of calls to authority pleading for help could have been played out to his end as he did after all know what he was doing. As a human being you have to sympathise but that is where it ends, he was a murderer and the police i will bet would rather not have been in the situation in the first place, this was an act by mr Moat,not anybody else and for people to call him a legend is a worrying reflection on a section of society, would they have been singing his praises if it had impacted their families.
    I think not.


  6. Dear All,

    Sorry I’ve been too busy to join in the discussion. However, I have just updated the original post with links to two further stories on the BBC News website which pertain to the original post and the discussion above.


  7. i dont condone what raoul moat did and no one ever could but the police and other aurthorites have a lot to anweser for in this why was a man not given the help he needed because beafore this tradegy even happend raoul sounded in a bad shape of mind maybe if he waz given the help he needed maybe it would of changed what happend and when it cums to the police it just sounds like there covering there own backs as usual and anouther thing that is bad his ex partner sam is cummin out with all these stories sense raoul has passed away no matter what he did she cant justifi any of it because hes not here to defend himself and can i ask everyone a question if u was his ex and u was so traumatised by what happend would u be able to sell the story and relive what happend so short after what happend RIP RAUOL MOAT


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