Farewells To Schools

The last two days have seen my final assemblies at two primary schools. How I shall miss them.

At one, they presented me with a ‘Goodbye Book’. Every child had written something to me. Elaborate messages from Year Sizes; just the names from Reception Class children. The School Council had also mentioned ne in Dispatches to the Anglican Diocese (it’s a church school).

At the second – our own children’s school – the Head presented me with a box of chocolates.

What a contrast with my arrival here five years ago, when I had never taken an assembly. But gentle persuasion by the woman who was then Head of that first school and now leads the second changed all that. From fearing assemblies to loving them, I now can’t imagine ministry without them.

It just shows you what God can do.


  1. This sounds like a bittersweet time! It’s funny isn’t it- British culture- we only truly find out what people think of us until we leave or until we die (actually we are not around for the latter one!). I hope the endings are very affirming.

    I agree with you- I hadn’t done an asssembly until my first appointment 11 years ago. Now I love them and would not want to be without them. In fact, as I began this appointment 6 years ago, I went round to schools ‘touting for business’.

    I hope now that you have been bitten by the bug- that this develops in your new place.

    I wish you joy in the journey!


  2. The school our children will be attending have already asked me to take assemblies, so I enthusiastically agreed. However, the nearer schools are all sewn up by the Church of England,or so I’ve been told. Apparently different churches relate to different sections of the community – seems a bit daft to me.


  3. There are ways round that…..usually by working out the links to the community and how frequently the vicar gets in and an approach to the vicar. So far this has worked for me.

    After all, with the Covenant, we have full mutual recognition and anglicans would always and in every circumstance regard our ministry as equally valid.

    I’m sorry about that last paragraph: sometimes with the medication I am on I lose all touch with reality 🙂


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