Freedom Fries And The Lockerbie Bomber

I don’t want to comment too much on Kenny Macaskill’s decision to free the Lockerbie bomber, apart from this. It seems crueller to send a man dying of cancer back to Libya than to a Scottish hospice, even though the latter would have meant a police guard. The decision may not be as compassionate as it looks.

However, I do want to say how daft the anti-Scotland reaction is. To boycott Scottish goods is as ludicrous as renaming French Fries ‘Freedom Fries’ after 9/11. To see just how ridiculous it is, check out this superb bit of satire.


  1. Thanks for the chuckle, Dave……however, I won’t be walking around mostly naked and without all my beloved creature comforts anytime soon! Sorry, Scotland!
    (…..the ironic thing is I’m about a third Scottish!)


    1. And in my case, Faulkner is a Scottish name. Perhaps I should have declared that! Except my father and sister, who have done a lot of research into family history, cannot find the Scots roots! My Dad thought it was his grandfather who came south of the border, but he got back as far as the early eighteenth century and all our relatives are in England!


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