Interview With the Pakistani Spectator

I’ve been interviewed by a journalist from the Pakistani Spectator about my blogging. You can read it here. The journalist, Imran Haider, has faithfully reproduced my replies to his questions, so thank you Imran for your professionalism and integrity.


  1. Dave,
    Such an awesome interview, and I’m so impressed by your boldness! I loved your answer to the question “What is your favorite book.” I need to be more bold about simply answering “the Bible.” Thanks for the conviction, my friend! LOL!



    1. Gosh, I didn’t see that as bold, more as natural and what they might expect I would say. I thought it was more bold to appeal on behalf of persecuted Pakistani Christians who are suffering under the Islamic blasphemy laws.


  2. You know what, my page didn’t load past that question. I thought that was odd! Yes, you’re right…and good on you to suggest that to the journalist! I’m even more impressed!


  3. Dave, I thought you conducted yourself with great class!

    And more kudos for your response referring to Christians in Pakistan.

    I was noticing the difference between some of his questions, and your answers…….in that, I mean that some of his questions seemed simply worldly, while your answers took the answer to a Christian point of view. Your faith came shining through.

    Curious – were you nervous when first asked? ( I know I would have been!).


    1. The interview was conducted entirely by email, which meant the nerves weren’t there so much. I typed my answers and reread them with Debbie before sending them. And yes the values implied in some of the questions were very different from mine (although I tried to allow for English not being Imran’s first language), but he was gracious and polite throughout.


    1. I wish I could right now. Partly see this post: there’s a lot I can’t say in public about it. If as a friend you want to know more, email me privately. Also, there’s the fact that we only got back on Saturday from two weeks’ holiday (you will have seen a little of that on my Facebook profile).


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