No Thank You, I’m C Of E

Everybody else, not least my blogging friend PamBG, is posting this video from Richard Stilgoe and Peter Skellern, so why not me as well? It reminds me of the story I’ve told regarding a friend who trained for the ministry. He found a book of cartoons about the practice of passing The Peace at Holy Communion. It was entitled, ‘No Thank You, I’m C Of E’.

Play it:


  1. I heard the Peter Skellern/Richard Stilgoe ‘The Sign of Peace’ on the radio last night. It would be good to introduce it to our cingregation as a light intro to talking about sharing the Peace.

    Does anyome know where I can get a copy of the lyrics or, better still, the sheet music?

    Blessings and prayers
    Rev Roy
    St George’s Parish Church


    1. Roy,

      After a quick bit of Googling, the best I can discover is that the song (entitled ‘Mrs Beamish’) appears on a Skellern and Stilgoe CD called Quiet Night Out. The link I have just given is to Amazon, but doubtless it is available elsewhere online too. I know that doesn’t help you with the sheet music; I suppose if you saw a copy of the CD you’d be able to glean the publishing details and investigate possible sources of sheet music that way.

      Maybe others have taken this further and have the information you need more directly than I have.

      Every blessing,



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