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Which gives me the same ‘movie rating’ as Henry Neufeld.

Apparently, I’m PG because the blog contains five references to the word ‘pain’, three to ‘death’ and one to ‘queer’. Can’t say my children have ever wanted to read this – Oxford Reading Tree is more their thing. And if they did know what a blog was at their age, I’d be seriously worried, however techie Mark likes to think he is at four. Fortunately, their computer is currently disabled after Rebekah lost the ball from the bottom of the mouse.


  1. The Inauguration – Warren and Robinson.

    First, congratulations to Obama in asking both to pray. At one stroke and without a word he unties the presidency from right wing evangelicalism. I look forward to a jew and a muslim being at his next do in 4 years.
    Second, as each knew of the other’s presence they could be expecteded to come from where we know they come from. Robinson, remembering he was speaking for the whole American people( and perhaps the world) was right to bring their many understandings to the fore. The British Methodist Church in its papers on sexuality, the Bible (A lamp unto my feet) and living with different and conflicting beliefs, emphasises its committment to openess and the pursuit of a common generous theology – therby being true to its founder who defined a methodist simply as “One withthe love of God spread abroad in his heart”.


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