Karate in church

Discussion last night about the ethics of hiring the church hall out to a Karate group. I have to make a quick response about whether it is ethically OK on grounds of (a) violence and (b) a religious or philosophical base that may conflict with Christianity. This page thinks there’s nothing wrong; this page is descriptive but would leave me with some concern; this page is outright against it, if a little over the top in places.

Does anyone have any helpful thoughts?


  1. O the knots we tie ourselves in, Karate is first of all a sport, if we are going to object to it on the grounds of violence then we must re-think our position on sports like boxing, wrestling and arguably Rugby!!!
    Secondly ask the people running the group what their philosophy is, I attend a Tai-Chi class where the instructor comes from a Roman Catholic background, his Bible knowledge is good and we often have good debates about life and spirituality.
    Thirdly karate teaches an emphasis on self defence and non-violent diversion rather than confrontational fighting techniques (although these are a part of it).
    Lastly how about using this as an opportunity for bridge building, people interested in Eastern sports such as karate,yoga and Tai-Chi (amongst others) are often open to learning about meditation, many instructors are not trained in this aspect of their chosen discipline so it could be an opportunity to offer meditation classes to complement the karate… if not be imaginative about the decoration, posters etc in the hall space being used
    Dilogue not confrontation should be our way forward.


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