Emerging Grace: Disillusionment Can Be Good I hope this title is correct. Right now I am struggling a bit. I am not sure why God has called us here. I don’t sit easy with my denomination – to survive I sit as loose as possible to the structures. Admittedly I am the sort of person for whom the glass is habitually half-empty. But I pray God will use this experience for good.

Hat tip to Randy McRoberts for the link.


  1. From one Methodist to another, hang in there there is hope… funnily enough I have just commenced Foundation training having been working as a Lay Worker all the time wondering if I have finally gone mad. I was asked what I didn’t like about Methodism at the selection interview and gave them a list as long as my arm… thinking well now they will turn me away… but… now is that good or bad, meeting with Tom Stuckey recently and getting together with a number of emerging folk who really want to move beyond the box I sense there is hope…keep your eyes on Jesus and don’t let the Church Councils drag you down!!!


  2. Hi dave.
    It’s nice to meet you. I agree with sallysjourney, there is hope. I pray that you will experience God’s presence and guidance in all that you do.


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