Coming Soon: My First Book

I’m just taking a break from my sabbatical to share with you the video trailer I have made for my forthcoming (and first-ever) book: ‘Odd One Out: Good news for those who don’t belong.’

I don’t have an exact publication date yet but I don’t expect it to be that long. Watch this space – and/or my Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram feeds where I shall also be posting news.


  1. Hi David

    Many congratulations on getting to this point during your Sabbatical. What an achievement!

    I wondered if you would be able to speak to our group sometime about how you did this. Attendance continues to be low but we did have 5 people in January.

    There is another group called Shine Writers, which I attend, as it is an online group. Bisi, who runs it, is often looking for speakers who are launching their book. You can pick up her contact details from Christian Writer. Please feel free to mention my name.




    1. Hi Tish,

      Thank you for such kind words. I’d be delighted to speak to the group about the process I used. Sorry I couldn’t make last Saturday and that I forgot to let you know.

      Thank you also for the suggestion about Shine Writers.

      Every blessing,



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