What Does A Dying Church Look Like?

5 Signs of a Dying Church by Tim Spivey: some of these need cultural translation to my situation, but what do you think? What are the indications to you that a church needs the Last Rites?


  1. It looks like a “place” where the Holy Spirit is not welcomed by people anymore, where the term “church” looses its original meaning (church is the people, not an institution), where all christians do not have intimacy with God anymore because they think they can live their lives in a happy manner independently of the Lord. That’s my idea of a dead church.


  2. I think a lot depends on the attitude of the congregation.
    If they are unintentionally keeping the Spirit out; if they don’t know how to welcome him, don’t believe they can have a relationship with him and are of the opinion that God isn’t really interested in them, that’s one thing, and there is hope. If they are deliberately keeping God out because they think they can do it all on their own, or for some other reason, that’s more serious and they are in trouble – like number 5 in the article.
    However small a church is, however much trouble they are in or however black things look, I am certain that if they seek God, call out to him and want to do what he wants, they are not a hopeless case. and will receive his help. Those who know their need of God are, and will be, blessed; the church in Laodicea were rebuked because they did not know their need, (Rev 3:17-18.)


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