Where Is The Internet Going?

Google Glass. The purported Apple iWatch. The thought that smartphones had already brought us the ‘Internet everywhere’ is about to be shown up as small fry. Such will be the personal and predictive nature of the technology we could be using in the next few years, that if you thought Facebook had abolished privacy, you’re in for a big shock as information and data about you gets shared everywhere. Companies are going to know frightening amounts about their employees and customers. The disruption coming needs measuring on the Richter Scale. The Christian Church needs to be thinking about this. (CODEC, is this on your horizon?)

There is an insightful introduction to all this in an interview Robert Scoble recently conducted with Marc Andreessen. Give it 37 minutes of your time: it’s worth it.

One comment

  1. Intrusive
    Necessitous (nerdily needy)
    Trembling, tumbling
    Remote control
    Numbly dumb
    Ego trip
    Transfixed (with a twist)

    I think Horace was onto something when he declared “Favete linguis!”


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