Carol Service Sermon: Shepherds Come, Shepherds Go

I’ve tried writing an address using an app on my new iPad called Haiku Deck. It’s a way of making simple PowerPoint presentations. You don’t get to do anything fancy with transitions, animations or anything like that. You just get to enter two lines of text and choose from some stunning Flickr images that have a Creative Commons copyright licence.

I’ve based this on the story of the shepherds in Luke 2:8-20. Obviously this isn’t a full script, but I hope there’s enough here for it to make sense. Let me know in the comments if it needs illuminating in any way.


    1. Hi Neil,

      Welcome here and thanks for the comment. I’ve only had the iPad a fortnight, so I’m still getting used to it, especially as I’m not an Apple fanboi. (I run Windows 7 PCs and an Android phone.) I like putting documents into Dropbox and having them in front of me without wasting paper. (Occasionally formatting in Word documents goes awry but I could pay for an app like QuickOffice that would solve that. Also, it doesn’t display the standard .msg format for Outlook emails, so I convert the to HTML.) Haiku Deck was great: I made this quite quickly yesterday while my wife was on our desktop PC. I’ve paid for a 3G iPad and have a data subscription with the Three network, which works really well as I can’t guarantee wifi access everywhere I use the tablet. So far, so great, I’d say.


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