Missional Decision-Making

“We mustn’t do x because it would upset all our longstanding faithful worshippers.”

How often do we make decisions like that in the church? Missional thinker Eric Bryant suggests that’s all wrong. He says,

As church leaders, we need to make decisions based on who is not here yet, rather than on who has been here the longest.

He takes the principle from business, although he wants us to avoid the dangers of consumerism. Essentially, the challenge is this: will we make our decisions based on mission or on maintenance?

What do you think? What is your experience?

One comment

  1. We need to Love one another,do everything in Love.The Church weused to go to ended up having two Services.One Traditional One Lively.Some People did come to both.The Church we are now all ages from 4 – 80 we all enjoy the joyfull Worship.Also New Wine has 10,000 People in 2 Marqees .So we don’t understand why some People cant adapt to New Ways.We are all different but should be able to Worship with Joy.We know this Blog covers other things.What we have found is that Ministers have a very hard job and get Critizied about everything.LETS WORK TOGETHER.Love across our differences.


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