Social Media At Work: The Downside has an interesting infographic about the downside of workers and students accessing social media in between tasks. It is US-based, so needs some translation for us Limeys in Blighty. It’s also aimed at the general (‘normal’?) workplace, rather than the peculiar environment of church work. It also seems only to conceive of social media in terms of leisure.

Nevertheless, there are some sobering thoughts here. I guess this is the converse to yesterday’s post. Perhaps I should tell you to get off this blog and get back to work!

Social Media At Work

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  1. My guess is that they are on LinkedIn trying to build their network for a new job or to be better at the job they are already doing. I visit that site periodically and look for ways to waste time, but don’t find too many. The other sites, youtube and FB being the worst, are probably true wastes of time.


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