What Pastors Don’t Like About Pastoring

Thom Rainer lists a Top 10 of things ministers don’t like about the ministry. It’s only an informal list, not based on a serious, properly researched survey. Ministers will have different perceptions. For example, I love doing weddings (#9 on Rainer’s list) and I also consider it a great privilege to conduct the funerals of non-Christians (#2), because there is a gospel opportunity to show the love and compassion of Christ. But budgets (#10) and business meetings (#1) – oh yes, I’m there every inch of the way.

What do you think of the list? What would you add to it, or remove from it?


  1. I’m never going to be a Minister, so I suppose it’s all academic. But I would undoubtedly put finance, property issues, meetings and admin at the top of my list.
    I remember a PCC meeting when I was a teenager. The vicar had given us a list of gifts/qualities to look for in a vicar, asked us to put them in order and on the day of the meeting, went around the room listening to people’s answers. There wasn’t time to ask everyone, but he expressed surprise that no one had put ‘evangelism’ in the top 3. I told him I’d put it first. I’d also put people skills first, or joint first.

    It’s strange that the 6 or 7 people who’ve told me I’d be a good minister all say that it’s because I’m good with people, and dismiss the dislike of finance etc as things which can be delegated.


  2. I’m surprised that announcements are on that list. Surely even pastors of small churches can get someone else to do the announcing. I know that, even in a tiny church of 30 people in Kansas where I grew up the pastor didn’t give the announcements. Sometimes I did and I was a teenager! It may be more consistent if the pastor is doing it, but it also puts him in the type of situation discussed by Rainer. Do you do your own announcements?


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