New Wine Leadership Conference

I am at the above event but cannot currently bring you regular updates here as the wifi is down in the B & B where I am staying. I can do a short post like this from the WordPress app on my phone, but it isn’t suitable for extended typing. Twitter is a good place for keeping up on it. My tweets are here or follow the official conference hashtag #nwlc12

One comment

  1. I am very sure your New Wine Leadership Conference is nothing like the following poem. However, the subject matter makes me chuckle and hope you like it too.

    Murder at the Poetry Conference by Melinda Smith

    The old pesticide factory
    casts a buzz-saw shadow
    on the wall of the council chambers.
    Inside, the poets sit like aldermen.
    They talk of war and genocide,
    harrowing themselves silly.
    At night they retire to soft floral sheets, flocked wallpaper.
    They dream
    infinite shelves of books with tilted spines –
    M and N shapes staggering away;
    leather the colour of blood.


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