A Pastor’s True Vocation …

… is to be a fashion consultant. Welcome to the wild and wacky world of Pastor Ed Young Junior‘s Pastor Fashion. Oh yes. The man who brought you the book Sexperiment now tells you all you want to know about skinny jeans and testosterone. Is there a connection?

I just missed these classes at theological college. I took the trivial stuff like biblical studies, doctrine, church history, pastoral theology and missiology. Eugene Peterson, you got it so wrong.

Meanwhile, Erwin McManus launches a fashion range, but he seems to be doing it for more arty reasons. Apparently, he says,

This is an incarnation into the world of art, story, and creativity.

At least if you read the whole of this interview with him, one of his motivations is job creation.


  1. My daughters tend towards ‘fashionista’ status.
    But pastors competing in the fashion stakes?…..not sure about that 🙂


    1. And if you watch the video clip at the ‘Skinny jeans and testosterone’ link, it all looks like it’s been filmed in sn expensive TV studio. Is this where the congregation’s tithes and offerings get spent?


  2. I’m pleased to say that our congregation(s) tithes and offerings (or part thereof) goes towards retaining our assistant minister. With two churches, four services, youth and children’s groups – we need him. I think he wears K-Mart jeans.


  3. Unfortunately the video clips won’t work work for me – I say unfortunately because Top 10 Fashion Tips for the Faithful is one of the funniest things I’ve read online in ages! (although he is right about crew neck T shirts…)


    1. You’re not trying to watch it on an iPad, are you? In which case you may have problems if the videos are embedded (as I think they are) as Flash, which Apple prohibits on iPads.


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