Slow Down, You Move Too Fast

Gerard Kelly on the importance of slowing down for greater spiritual depth:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Via the Inspire Network – originally here.

UPDATE: sorry, the video doesn’t seem to be working here. (Not sure what went wrong with Vodpod on this occasion.) I suggest you click the link above, watch the video on the Inspire Network site or here and then come back here to comment.


  1. What a great Message we do need to slow down and Listen.I was in a Church once trying to talk to someone and they wanted me to stop so they could check the sound.Surely that could have been done before the Worship.Someone might have something very Important to say.We are all too busy doing not Listening.


  2. A very timely message. I am currently having to review the things that I do. Being involved in too many different activities and feeling constantly busy causes stress. The helpful message for me from the video is that “coming out of busyness is a difficult process” and “we need to find peoople who we can listen to to help us with this process”
    Sometimes we are too busy to listen to people who may be able to help us out of our busyness. Or sometimes (to take Maryln’s experience) we are to busy to be the listener that someone else needs.

    Lord Slow me down. Help me to be less busy. Help me stop amd listen to you Lord, that I might listen to others who can be a help to me or recognise the situations were I am being caled to stop and slow down so that I can be a listener to someone else.



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