What Would Jesus Do?

The Archbishop of Canterbury has written a thoughtful piece in the Christmas double issue of Radio Times (some of which is reproduced here on his own site) where he takes on the way the Occupy movement has taken up the popular evangelical slogan, ‘What would Jesus do?’ (WWJD). Dr Williams points out that Jesus is often more about asking people questions than giving them answers, and when religion is like that, it is often at its most constructive. There is further background on the BBC website in a piece by Stephen Tomkins of Ship Of Fools.

What do you think? How easy, possible or desirable is it to answer the WWJD question?


  1. I’ve not read the article but I wonder if the Archbishop has taken inspiration from Douglas Adams. Not sufficient with knowing that the answer is 42, the quest is to understand the question in order for the answer to make sense.


    1. Mark, I think the ABC’s point is that a lot of Jesus’ ministry was based not around giving answers but posing questions. Think of how he doesn’t always give neat and tidy answers in the parables, for example.


      1. Ok. I’ve read it now and the answer appears to be: Ask more questions.

        Yes there are plenty of times when Jesus provides a question as an answer and often the disciples bear the brunt of his frustration when even they don’t understand. Poor chaps.


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