The Bay Revival

Here we go again
? God TV are covering another ‘revival’ from the United States. Three years after the tragic mess around Todd Bentley and the Lakeland Revival, when many sincere Christians’ hopes were raised, only to be dashed, we now have The Bay Revival. I sat and watched some tonight. While I didn’t see any of the things that alarmed me about Bentley, I can’t pretend I don’t have some questions. Here are a few thoughts.

There was plenty of sung worship, but little prayer, no Bible reading whatsoever and no preaching. No confession and no intercession – except the prayer and laying on of hands for those seeking prayer for themselves. Perhaps it was significant that what seemed to be the most popular song was one with a refrain, ‘You are good’, leading to the punchline ‘You are good to me‘. Now I have no complaint at that thought in itself, but I do have a concern when that is the centre and circumference of God’s goodness.
Then there was the prayer ministry. Unlike the teaching we are following in the Letting Jesus Heal course at present, this was not about ‘team’ but about the ‘star’ who was leading the prayer. Mainly young British evangelist Nathan Morris but also John Kilpatrick, former leader of the Pensacola outpouring in the mid-1990s, the leader is at the centre of all the praying. He calls out ‘fire’ or a ‘mighty flow’, lays hands on people and assistants are there to catch them as they fall. If they don’t fall, he keeps praying. As soon as they do, he moves on. I have no problem in principle with people falling under the power of the power of the Holy Spirit, but I would reject any notion of it as the (almost) infallible sign that God is at work.

Ultimately, the sign will be whether the people so prayed for do show evidence of the fire of the Spirit in their lives after the event. We have no way of measuring it. I hope it will be true, but I am loath to jump to conclusions in the ways that the preachers seemed to here.

And likewise the claims for healing. I so want to believe that cancer of the oesophagus is being driven out, as was claimed tonight. However, it needs testing. On the other hand, though, in fairness there are many videos online showing a woman called Delia Knox getting out of a wheelchair and singing at one of the meetings last year. Others show her arriving back at her home.

This careful evaluation tends to think this is a genuine miracle. On balance, I tend to agree. To me, it looks like this has ‘stuck’. It doesn’t seem to be one of those temporary improvements that then regresses away from the original highly charged circumstances. If so, then although I have real reservations about the style adopted, God seems less concerned with that than me, and more concerned to be merciful to a woman in need. There will still need to be issues handled around those who have expectations raised only to be disappointed, but the healing of Delia Knox looks like the real deal to me, and if so, then may God be praised.

Finally, though, I was bothered by what I heard towards the end of the broadcast. People were invited to come to the front to receive prayer – good. But they were asked to bring their offerings with them. I think it wasn’t meant in a sinister way – bring money in order to be healed – because of the commentary Morris gave immediately afterwards. But the juxtaposition was unfortunate. However, while Morris said he didn’t want people to take away from their regular offerings (tithes) to their own churches, he did exhort them to ‘sow into revival’ – a phrase often heard in these contexts. Apparently the Bay Revival needs lots of money for trucks. And I just wonder whether a revival of God needs high budgets – or am I being unfair? Does it need big venues, world tours and international television coverage (although that is how I came to know of this, I admit)? OK, some Christian projects do. But it’s like the original Pentecost could never have happened, being such a low-budget affair.

So – has anyone else followed this? What opinions do you have?

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I'm a British Methodist minister, married with two children. I blog from a moderate evangelical-missional-charismatic perspective, with an interest in the 'missional' approach. My interests include Web 2.0, digital photography, contemporary music and watching football (Tottenham Hotspur) and cricket.

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  1. This gives me the willies, but I do hope God can use it for good. I confess that in my conservative upbringing, I am more apt to explain this away or just ignore it, but again, that’s my weakness. Having said that, I don’t plan on joining the movement.


  2. Yes, Dan, there’s something that gives me the creeps, too. As I indicate in the post, at very least I think there’s a serious lack of substance. I’m also nervous of a ‘revival’ being hyped up by God TV (or anyone else). Yet I think that healing happened, and of course I have to recognise that God uses frail and fallible people, even including me. None of that, though, should excuse us from thinking and praying hard about these matters.


  3. Hello, have you ever under taken any thing for God and everyone in the world gave you everything for free ? I do not think so. Things cost, maintaining the things, called being a good stewart of them cost and paying workers cost and the workman is worthy of his hire,do not muggle the ox while he is tredding out the grain, just to mention a few. Who’s side are you on ? Look at the fruit, looks like God is doing alsome things in the Bay Revivle. If you were accused of being a christian would there be enough evidence to prove it ?


    • Timothy,

      Welcome here and thank you for your comment. I did not trash everything, I referred to a healing that I believe happened. However, that shouldn’t stop us asking questions. ‘Fruit’ is not just amazing miracles: God can do that out of sheer grace. But when you wonder about depth and substance, I think the wider Body of Christ is entitled to ask questions, especially when it comes connected to appeals for financial support, as these things frequently do on God TV.


      • PS. when Nathan was speaking in Hull during Sept 2011, he specifically said that:

        (a) he has never sought TV coverage (the guys as humble as humble can be – that cannot be faked)

        (b) he has never paid God TV for any coverage thus far – which is apparently unprecedented.

        Of course – there are operating costs for any revival/meeting/conference; including building rental, equipment hire, travel, subsistence (they do need to eat occasionally).

        Nathan takes nothing material from the bay revival – his own ‘Ministry’ Shake the Nations covers any costs/wages he requires. You can’t deny a man a living! God help us if we start doing that.

        There is absolutely nothing materially flamboyant about Nathan, or what is happening in Alabama. The only extravagence is God – and the work he is doing through the Holy Spirit. To him be the honour, glory and praise.

        I think it is very difficult not to judge – better to pray that the Holy Spirit gives us discernment according to the word of God. Somethings are better experienced than explained. How on earth do you explain the glory of God or the manifest presence of God on a person. It’s a spiritual work and a supernatural experience. Even Moses as far back as the old testament experienced the glory of God on his person – having required a veil to cover his face when he returned to the people from the mountain.

        God Bless.


    • You say ”things cost”. Well I know that God, through his Holy Spirit moves his children to give, as he has blessed us. God loves a ”cheerful giver”. If a ministry is organizing a gathering, then it should all be of NO CHARGE. After all IT IS A REVIVAL. If the ministry needs the money, then ministries should donate to the minister coming to the area. If it is worthy of an offering, God will instruct his people to give.
      Workers should NOT be PAID.
      I am currently looking for a faith church, that has faith in God. God owns everything and if he is at work, it gets done. I believe in his ability.


  4. This is God. This is the Holy Spirit at work. This is not about the man – only the measure of annointing that rests on Nathan himself. He is abandoned to God, to exalting Jesus Christ and to preaching the blood of Jesus Christ, the full gosple of the cross and pentecost. Signs and wonders follow the preaching of the cross. I have watched these meetings for over a year now and it is absolutely clear that God, the Holy Spirit is at work and that Jesus Christ is receiving the glory. On a personal note, I recently attended meetings when Nathan preached in England (Sept 2011: Hull and Newcastle). No cameras were involved. No TV. No lights. No appeals. Still God moved and honoured the preaching of his word. Miracles took place, repentance was widespread, the churches that hosted him are shaken by the outpouring of the Spirit of God. People are changed and being changed. Christ is exalted. People are coming to God. People are setting their prioroities in order and putting Christ first. Healings and miracles are abounding. God’s grace is manifest. Is this fake. Is this about the money? No – it’s about Jesus Christ and his soon return. Church get ready. Wake up for your King is coming soon. The Bay Revival is just another place where God has poured out his Spirit to a people whose hearts were seeking revival and his presence in their midst.


    • Hi Abbie,

      Welcome here and thank you for your comment. I am glad to read your account of the Hull and Newcastle meetings. It is very reassuring, Your description sounds a little different from what I witnessed on God TV in May, where there was very little preaching of the word shown, and where – much as I have no problem with the idea of people falling under the power of the Spirit – the idea that you pray until someone falls down and then move on raises pastoral concerns for me. However, for all the concerns I have, I pray that what you describe as ‘People are changed and being changed’ will be the ultimate and ongoing fruit of this movement.


  5. I would say. Read the scriptures. Consult the scriptures. Interpret the scriptures. There is much attributed to the work of the holy spirit today….when it is not. Some would say that such… ‘modern day blasphemy’ of the holy spirit.


  6. oh…..and by the way ‘revival’ is not to be found in the bible. However, you will find ‘revive’ ‘reviving’ and ‘revived’. Where in scripture does it say theres going to be an end time revival? It doesn’t.


  7. Thank you Dave. Just for reference, I’ve heard Nathan preaching dozens of times. The signs and wonders do follow the preaching of the word – Jesus Christ is the word. If his name is being exalted then God will confirm his healing power and manifest presence. I think we often mistake our religious organisation and structure for church! Church is the Holy Spirit in the midst, it’s the collective body of believers glorifying God, seeking him and worshipping him. Hymns, sermons, lessons etc are all forms…which may or may not contain the substance. So when something doesn’t look like our idea of organised church or mirror our experience and habits in church, it doesn’t mean it’s not of God. Only, only, God the Holy Spirit can do the inner work. If God is working inside a person – drawing them, convicting them, showing his love to them, manifesting his healing or mighty power in their body who on earth are we to define the external manifestations of an internal work of the Holy Spirit. We can analyse and critique much and often but go and know the power of the manifest glory of God. It will reduce you to awe, worship, adoration of him and him alone. I used to define and box in what I firmly believed to be the Holy Spirit, what he did and didn’t do. But I was wrong. God is bigger than me, his word infallable, his power mighty to behold. God changed me – now I say, let God be God how he wants to be God and let me yield to him. That doesn’t mean I’m gullible – I am the total opposite. I just believe.


  8. Hi Jay – I’m not a theologian but I want clarify that by revival I merely mean the moving of the Holy Spirit in accordance with scripture as in the new testament church and the sense of the tangible manifest presence of God in these meetings. Broad is the road that leads to destruction – they are Christs own words. Not everyone us on this road: thank you Lord for your grace! Christ offered eye salve and gold tried in the fire to the Laedocian church (prophetically symbolic of the church in the last days). Even in the midst of our apathy – Christ offers us to do a work in our lives! God hasn’t stopped doing miracles or pouring out his Spirit. Often we’ve stopped asking or believing. Hope this clarifys what I mean.


    • Abbie….you don’t have to be a theologian.

      I’m a little confused by your meaning of revival, and, it is ‘your meaning’ as it is not based on what ‘revival’ means within the scriptures, as revival is not found in scripture. So to refer to it as to mean the moving of the holy spirit in accordance with scripture as in the new testament church and the sense (taste, see smell, feel, hear) the tangible manifest presence of God in these meetings……is something that perhaps needs closer examination on your part. It appears that you are either adding to scripture, something which we are not to do, or, seeking to biblically justify what is happening and, in order to do that, we need scriptures. Afterall, Jesus didn’t go around ‘slaying people’ in the spirit.

      On such a basis, are you therfore saying that what is happening at the ‘bay revival’ (I use the term loosely) is what happened in the Laedocian church?

      Broad is the road that leads to destruction, not everyone is on such road, no, thats true. The majority are though.

      Thanks be to God for the work that he does in our lives. God has not stopped doing miracles…….he performs them daily!


      • Jay – you can’t argue away a personal testimony. My testimony and that of many others can be criticised but it cannot be taken away. Acts 4:29-30. They prayed that God would enable them to do signs and wonders and heal in the name of the Holy child Jesus. Signs and wonders are not predictable. To make us wonder God will not conform to our estimation of him or our level of religious practice. We receive from God often on the level we expect to receive from him. I have been slain in the spirit (I prefer the description as yielding/ resting under the presence if God). God does an inner work. His presence is tangible. I felt it. The devil does not give glory to the Son of God and neither does he stand a chance when the blood of Christ and the gosple of the cross is
        preached. The devil will use whatever he can to contradict, undermine and confuse. The fruit of the Spirit of God is clearly defined in scripture. The devil may try to produce counterfeit but the real fruit and work of the Holy Spirit will always remain, last the course and magnify God and Jesus Christ his Son. God works through mortal men – we always remain mortal and subject to sin if we allow sin into our lives. So men of God are not God. Just because their testimonies are not infallable does not mean God is mot using them in this time. I used to believe I was right thinking, biblically accurate and totally justified in my thinking. I was wrong. God is big, bold and love. Our biggest mistake can be to consider ourselves as ‘having it’ or ‘getting it’….God is to great, too beautiful, too mighty, too holy to be understood and contained in the mind of man. We will continue searching and finding his unfathomableness well into eternity. I cannot reduce God to my understanding of him at this point in time. Deep cries unto deep – we go from revelation to revelation according to his grace and the work of the holy Spirit in our lives. I can’t contain God – I can only yield to him and let him be. Jay – I’m not critising or arguing. I’m just replying. No good work in our lives is from Satan – he steals, kills and destroys. He is a thief and a liar. God and God alone is good and his goodness endures forever. God bless you.


  9. Abbie, I’m not trying to argue away a personal testimony, yours or anyone elses. Firstly I said it’s about the scriptures and secondly that the word ‘revival’ is not found in scriptures. ‘Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light to my path’ Psalm 119:105

    There is error and deception within the church for sure.


  10. Dave….the bigger picture
    as incredible as it may seem, the very principles used by leaders of cults are today employed in literally thousands of churches worldwide. Tactics once relegated to the ashrams of cults are now replicated at the alters of churches – as christians ape the practices of pagan spirituality.

    Pensecola, Florida – In the emotionally charged atmosphere of the 10 o’clock Sunday morning worship of an Assemblies of God church, a woman works herself into an altered stae of consciousnouss as she jerks her head violently from side to side for more than 2.5 hours.

    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – Benny Hinn Healing Crusade – Ella Peppard dies from complications suffered after someone who succumbs to the power of peer pressure is ‘slain in the spirit’ on top of her.

    London, England – Holy Trinity Brompton – An Anglican vicar exploits the expectations of parishoners to such an extent that they become ‘drunk in the spirit’. Designated drivres and taxi cab services are recommended for those spiritually inebriated to leave on their own.

    Toronto, Canada – Vineyard Christian Fellowship – A pastor employing the subtle power of suggestion manipulates a crowd into acting ‘like lions, oxen, eagles, and even warriors. Though deeply frightened, they are duped into believing their experiences are divine rather than demonic.

    The above is from page one of a book ‘Counterfeit Revival’ – Looking for God in all the wrong places by Hank Hanegraaff (author of the best seller ‘Christianity in Crisis).

    With regard to the bay revival, perhaps it is ‘by their roots ye shall know them’ and not only ‘by their fruits’.


  11. I have this thing that I can feel when something is from the spirit and when it’s not. I’ve seen people speak in tongues and very few were real. I can immediately tell when it’s not authentic and it’s just the person’s rehearsed script. I went to see the bay “show” army church. I call it a show because that’s what I felt. I was actually embarrassed spiritually just by being there. I know lots of my friends think it was the best thing ever. But I felt it was just a production.


    • Chris,

      Welcome here and thanks for your comment. I guess the difficult thing here is that your approach will give you an answer that convinces you, but how do you persuade others of your conviction?


  12. Test it! Test it! Test it! We dont have to ‘taste’ in order to ‘test’. There is trutch, error and deception within the church. We have to discern error from truth. We do that it according to the scriptures. Listen to what they say and how does what they say measure up in accordance scripture? Is what they say ‘truth’? ‘biblical truth’? To go on our feelings is a bit suspect. To get to the heart of the matter……the bible! the bible! the bible! Heard it all before. Seen it all before. There are those within the church, across denominations, pastors, preachers,commentators and bibical scholars alike – that have plenty to say about the issues. Not all are falling for such deception. Check out its source. Consider the key players. Do your research. Consult the bible. It really is that simple


  13. apologies just reading my post back: that should read – There is truth, error and deception within the church.


  14. Gracebeyondmeasure

    In your haste to judge a move if the spirit of God, you can miss it. Even at Pentecost only Even at Pentecost only 120 received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and fire. Those who watch and judged poured scorn on the moving of the spirit of God did so because it didn’t fit with their definition of order. God has an order that is not of man. Religion so binds us we struggle to perceive the Holy Spirit in operation because it conflicts with our own traditions and norms.


    • I’m not in haste to judge. To suggest I am, is a mistake on your part. Pentecost…..was the birth of the Church. Not sure what your point is. I’m certainly not sure about why those who were watching, judging and pouring scorn on the moving of the spirit of God – did so because it didn’t fit with their definition of order.


  15. Gracebeyondmeasure

    By order I mean their experience of religious order which in turn shaped their expectation of spiritual order.

    The religious Jews in Christ’s day were looking for the Messiah but in being consumed with their own traditions they missed his arrival.

    The church was birthed at Pentecost in what man deemed to be chaotic circumstances but God knew what he was doing. The so called outward appearance of chaos (120 people praising God in multiple languages and appearing as though they were drunken) was ordained by God – for he instructed them to wait at Jerusalem until they were clothed with power from on high.

    To the religious in Jesus time, they felt they knew the word, they felt they had exclusive understanding of God and his law yet in their feeling of right standing they missed him.

    In feeling right and correct because of how we may think the spirit of God should move or estimate how he wouldn’t move is to repeat the error of Jewry in the days of Christ.


  16. So in the context of the ‘bay revival’ ….what are you suggesting? That we are not to examine it in the light of scripture? and, to do so…..makes us as the ‘religous jews’ in Christ days? If this is what you are suggesting, thats nonsense!

    Oh we are in trouble!


    • Gracebeyondmeasure

      Jay I’m not arguing. I value your opinion. I speak from my own experience of having been so duped ( by good Preaching) into thinking I knew how God liked to work exclusively.

      I was wrong. I limited God to my own experience and understanding which could never comprehend His completeness or ways in their entirity.

      Where the cross of Christ is exalted, the blood of Jesus preached and his name exalted through the power of the Holy Spirit – it has to be God. No man and certainly no devil preaches the full gospel, sets the captive free or opens blind eyes. What we see at the Bay is Gods presence uncurtailed by man. Of course it’s not going to like the norm!

      As for strange signs – the Bible is full of them both old and new testament.

      Religion (even so called good Christian religious practice) can over time harden our hearts to the Holy Spirit even without realising it. Read Mark chapter 3. Especially verse 22 onwards.


      • Gracebeyondmeasure, its a contentious issue. I too, speak from experience, not that this holds any weight, likewise the same can be said of your experience. It is not about my experience or your experience…..and it certainly isn’t about limiting God (something which cannot be done) to our experience and, or, understanding. So, again I’m not quite sure what you’re getting at.

        Without doubt, there is mysticism in the church. Mysticism is the exaltation of subjective experience over objective truth. Mystiscism flourishes now because of the unbiblical bias against truth in the church today. Doctrine divides. Doctrine being the body of objective truth, the teaching of Gods word. Furthermore, doctrine is the only basis for evaluating spiritual experience. Satan wants us to move away from it.


  17. I was at the Phoenix event this past weekend. The worship service was very sweet as there was such a sweet praise rising up from the saints in the building. I just wish whatever church I am in that they would slow down and wait on G_d and spend more time lifting up praise like is being done in these services. It’s a tragedy what happened with the lakeland event and Todd Bentley.

    Is this “revival” of G_d? I can’t tell you definitively but if you listen to enough of Nathans preaching there are MANY warnings to the American body and clear “holiness” preaching. I know many people don’t like when preachers yell but how would it sound if someone preaches as if “they are speaking the very words of G_d?”. (Think book of Acts).


  18. I have personally been to the services several times and have seen first hand the miracles that God is doing and has done. I also have personally met Delia Knox several years ago and I can assure you that she was paralyzed from the waist down so this is an incredible miracle!
    This is definitely a work of the Lord and God is getting the glory. I must also share a warning with you. Be careful to judge the work of God or a man or men of God lest you be passed by and completely miss what God wants to do in your own heart and life. Don’t allow a critical heart or attitude to spring up because it will destroy you! God is doing something and you have a choice to be apart of it or not. When I see people turning their eyes on Jesus and in repentance this is a good thing and I am blessed to be a part of it! Don’t be passed by! Blessings!


    • Hannah,

      Welcome here and thank you for your testimony. I am indeed glad to hear of repentance and faith in Jesus.

      I think there is a distinction to be drawn between a ‘critical heart’ (which I agree is dangerous) and the need to weigh all things. Some of my concern arose from the thought of more hype from God TV, after their unwise and uncritical promotion of Todd Bentley. You’ll see in any case that I’m not completely sceptical, given my belief that Delia Knox was indeed healed.

      Blessings to you, too.


  19. I love the Bay of the holy spirit, Am 100% convinced that it’s the sweet spirit geniun power of GOD at work. I love Nathan, he seem to have a full understanding of what moves GOD, and that is the proclamation of the work of the cross. His message is so simply that poeple are just finding it hard to believe. If you asked me, everything that goes on in this revival is in accordance with the word of GOD, i find it hard to believe otherwise.
    To me if any one is ever doubting this revival and they are true believers, they should not be seeking the opinion of other people by writing blogs but insteady get on your Knees and ask God for the spirit of Discernment. Stop infusing doubt in the hearts of believers to block them from experiencing the true move of GOD. Nathan has made me reassess what i have believed to be the purpose of GOD in my life and believe me i like what i have come to know about GOD from this Revival.
    I have never attended any of the meeting but just watch on TV and my body shakes under the annoiting everytime i watch. GOD reveals to me things i didnt even know of as i watch. I have been healed of deep emotional scars that no human being was able to treat.
    My advise is that if you are doubting, pray and prayer hard, if able you can even fast, you will be amazed by what GOD will reveal to you. It’s not about Nathan, it’s about what GOD is doing through him, he is only a vessell


    • Thanks for your assurances (and welcome here, BTW!). When I watched the meetings, there was so little proclamation that it fed my sense of uneasiness. I am glad to hear that the Cross is being preached.


      • Gracebeyondmeasure

        Just to agree that Nathan Morris preaches the cross and blood of Christ more than any other preacher I know.


  20. Charles E. Akers

    Attempting to judge a revival movement such as this one based on viewing one service is a bit short-sided. I realize that as a denominational believer, this sort of thing must be very new and strange to you. I would urge you to compare what John Kilpatrick, Nathan Morris, and Lydia Stanley are doing with the healing and preaching services recorded in the book of Acts.
    You mentioned one service. No two of their services are the same even though similarities are there. I do not find any commandment for a form of worship to follow anywhere in scripture though many things are mentioned in various places such as joyful music and praise. “Enter into His gates with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise”!
    “Lay hands on the sick and they shall recover”!
    In the old testament the glory of God was so heavy and thick in the sanctuary that the priests could not stand to minister! I have personally experienced similar happenings a few times.
    The power of God is available to all of us, but apparently, few of us ever are willing to pursue God to that measure. God is freely available to us all, but He seems to desire us to pursue Him or follow after Him – To seek Him. Our spirits seem to have been made to thirst for The Living God.


    • Charles,

      Thank you for your comment and welcome here. However, please don’t patronise me with the ‘denominational believer’ stuff. I am someone who visited Toronto at the height of the ‘Toronto Blessing’ in the mid-1990s and am part of something in the UK called the New Wine Leaders’ Network. I am open to gifts of healing and the like. Nor am I saying there should be one form of worship, but I do think certain principles hold for Christian worship of all varieties. That was the basis of my post.


  21. personally i have prayed and God has ansewered and his answer was do not have anyhting to do with it and i have been given a lot of scripture to confirm this 2 corin 11, isaiah 29 and 30 math 7 15 – 23 math 24 and others i beleive what it says in 1 john 4 1-6 we need to ask Gods view on such matters i personally pray if this isnt of you then let it pass over me chrissy


  22. Hi Dave,

    I like that you ask questions and cause people to think without slamming others.

    This revival is so different from the Todd Bentley thing!! I am so glad that they preach Christ and the cross as well as healing.

    God does amazing things that are beyond our understanding!!

    What is really neat for me is I have seen Delia Knox, the woman in your video as I am from upstate NY. I saw here minister twice, once in Rochester, NY and once in Buffalo prior to her healing. This is a real deal! She is also a known minister prior to her healing. .She was associated with Pastor Tommy Reid of the Tabernacle Church in Buffalo, NY. You can see more about her by going to her website.

    God is working and seeing lives impacted. I went to the meeting in NJ and really saw people’s lives being impacted for the Lord!

    In Christ,
    a brother from upstate NY


  23. @ Jay Clarke:

    The actual word “revival” may not be found in Scripture but it is term to describe an outpouring of His Spirit. Think for a moment about the word “trinity”. “Trinity” is not found in Scripture either but it describes the relationship of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Just because a word we use is not in Scripture does not mean that we just don’t believe it is not of God…


  24. It seems as though you gave careful consideration as you wrote this article, so I would like to respond with sincerity and share what I personally know of this ministry. Very close friends of mine participate in these revivals, and actually travel with the team, as well as plan the events directly. I respect these friends from the bottom of my heart. I have known them for for nearly twenty years, and I take their feelings on the matter very seriously. They have expressed to me their direct knowledge of those healed, and they have actually known Dalia before and after her amazing healing. She remains fully healed today. They do their very best to medically document these miracels when possible. The power of the Lord is actively at work in the lives of this family, and they have dedicated nearly 20 years to assisting the Kilpatricks. I respect them, and I believe that they are credible and would not work in a ministry that lacks depth or credibility.
    Thanks for your time, I just wanted to share this with you.


  25. Nathan Morris is definitely a sincere man of God. He prayed for me and my family, and offered to pay me traveling costs to attend the second meeting of the revival i attended inWashington, when I thought I wasn’t going to make it. He touched me and I was also knocked out by the spirit of God…I became a Christian that night, my life changed forever and he constantly gives God all of the glory!!


  26. mary from malaysia

    just to let you know i was healed twice last year 2011,as i watched and participated livestream from malaysia, in the bay revival services.


  27. Hello Dave,
    We are from Melbourne Australia and in April this year we went to the Bay Revival in Branson Missouri. We went with a strong conviction from my wife a year before to go for my 2nd Sons healing from his partial 40% hearing loss in both ears that he sustained from hearing infections when he was young about 2 years of age, now he is 8 years old.
    On the second night he was healed from his hearing loss in both ears after my wife took him on stage for prayer. To say astonished is an understatement and it taught me a very valuable lesson to have faith in God. The preaching was excellent. The crux of Nathan’s preaching is simple, repent, give all the glory to God !
    This event has me and my wife still pining to go back to a Bay of the Revival services.
    I pray that an opportunity can arise where we can go ASAP, even stay there for a while.
    God bless you all
    George Servanis


  28. I was there. My life was changed.the presence of God was electrifying. I revieved a miraculous healing. I would recommend that if you really want to understand and critique something you should go and experience it. You should listen to as many messages as you can. So you can have a real opinion. I lived there and know some of these people. Get excited it was the real deal


    • Hi Lisa,

      How wonderful to hear about your healing. Unfortunately, it wasn’t practical or affordable for me to fly from the UK to see it. I commented as best I could from what I saw on the TV coverage.


  29. George Servanis

    Hello David, it was not practical or affordable but my wife believed for over year to go. This is when we had no money or proper paying job. She received money that she was believing and praying for and I had a substantially better paying job so we went. Flying from Australia to LA and then across to Kansas City and driving over four hours in Missouri to Branson to attend the revival. We want to do it again because we have nothing like this here in Australia that we know of this magnititude and hard down the liner preaching.
    No wonder there is so much more miracles in America………..they believe 🙂
    Yes my son is healed!


    • George,

      What a marvellous story, thank you. In your case you were clearly led to go; I was not. There have been other times in my life when God has called me to something when the resources were not humanly present and he has provided. However, don’t let that comment detract from my delight at hearing of your son’s healing.


  30. I know people who grew up with Nathan Morris. He seems a genuine man of God, and here in Sheffield he is not thought of as controversial.


  31. Don’t like Todd Bentley. But love Nathan Morris and john kilpatrick and bay powerful. The power of the holy spirit comes right through the tv screen into your room. Just wish god tv had kept it on tv. God bless Nathan and john mighty men of god.


  32. “With power gave the Apostles witness of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus and great grace was upon them all” Do it again, Lord! Jim


  33. The Bay Revival NEVER asked for an offering before going to alter to be prayed for!!!! I’m sure an offering was taken up as there are in EVERY church in the world sir. Very dangerous to accuse someone of something when you haven’t tested out the spirit yourself. If the people of God would come together and lift one another up how much greater would our witness be? Sir, I agree as Bible says there will be false prophets and I know they will have signs and wonders to deceive however God is still a miracle worker and performs healing and deliverance today. Compare scripture to their videos and please share proof they are in err… God Bless brother!


    • Hi Lacey,

      Welcome, and thank you for your comment. I don’t think I quite said what you think I said. I reported what I saw on the TV broadcast at the time. I said that I didn’t think those in need were being asked to give in order to receive prayer, but that what happened was ‘an unfortunate juxtaposition’. God bless you, too.


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