The Rapture And The Dangers Of Bad Theology

There’s a lot of talk around about the claims that Christians will be ‘raptured’ this Saturday, and that Judgement Day will begin. See this site if you want to read some of the nonsense first hand, and here for more on the main proponent of this teaching.

But amid some of the hilarity this awful misuse of Scripture has provoked, there are real tragedies. Watch this video (HT: Mike Morrell):

If you ever wanted a reason why we should handle Scripture carefully, this is it.


  1. Hey David-
    It seems to be the hot non-topic of the day. I wrote about it today as well. Sorry about the troubles concerning ministry in your area. See… sign of the end of the times… of sanity.

    You shared an article a awhile back. It was about this guys view of heaven and ultimately where we will go. You got all linguistic on me. 🙂 I couldn’t tell if you agreed with the guys view on heaven and hell. For a while I thought I was going to have to get all up in your grill and release the mighty power of my Southern Baptist roots. 🙂 Personally, I like to think of myself as a pan-mellinnialist… it will all pan out in the end. As in what the Bible clearly says. 🙂

    Anyhoo. I enjoy your articles. It helps me have the illusion that I stopped by England to see how things are going.

    I would love your prayers for my family. We are starting a business as well as my husband’s pastor position. I am also praying about an Assistant Girls Dean’s position at a school. I need to write the book I was given the okay to write. Perhaps you could find a freeze ray and 20 extra hours a day for me.


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