Jesus On The Beach

Part Two of Julian Reindorp’s contributions to the Ministry Today conference: he shared a meditation, based on the work of the late Henri Nouwen. Imagine you are lying on the beach in your swimming gear. You are completely relaxed, and just for once not even one thought from your work in pastoral ministry is intruding into your mind.
As you lie there, you see a person walking in your direction from a distance away. It is a man. When he arrives, you realise it is Jesus. He speaks to you:

“I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for all you are doing for me.”

How do you react?

Because for some of us, those would be hard words to accept. We think we are such failures that we cannot believe Jesus would speak to us like that. Maybe the critical words of others so loom in our minds that they frame what we think Jesus might say. If they are critical, we may believe he is.

So what does our reaction say about our circumstances, or the state of our souls?


  1. Our circumstances are often beyond our control. How we react to our circumstances is the important thing, but we have to be healthy, mentally and physically, to do our best.

    We are fallen, steeped in sin and so we can sometimes only see that. Jesus sees other things (I hope).


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