Notwithstanding the question I raised the other day about when the Last Supper happened, we celebrated a Christianised Passover at Knaphill tonight. We used this order of service, where one of the things I value is that it takes seriously the wide experience of human suffering. In particular, it does not gloat over the suffering of the Egyptians at the time of the original Passover, and uses that as a stimulus to pray for all who suffer. It also made links towards the end with where Christians see elements of fulfilment in the Passover themes.

We added in some hymns and songs – ‘The God of Abraham Praise’, ‘Thank You For Saving Me’, ‘Amazing Grace’ and ‘And Can It Be’.

I’m grateful for a great team of people who made it work – those who planned, those who cooked (our lamb meal was Shepherd’s Pie – a bit of artistic licence there, and our apple-based dessert was a flapjack recipé that contained apples), those who set things out and cleared things up.

What did you do for Maundy Thursday? What do you recommend? Have you participated in a ‘Christian Passover’?


  1. Yes, I have done a number of Passover meals over the years, using several different sederim. Most people are very interested in seeing and experiencing the event, especially the children as they hunt for the matzot! There are several books available that give good advice and recipes (do not ask which as all my books are packed ready to move to a new church on 3rd May). Have you tried singing some of the songs from Avodat Y’eshua? It is a Jews for Jesus hymn book under the Purple Pomegranate imprint. Songs such as Who Am I, Fall Upon Us Now, As The Mountains, etc etc. It also contains a number of blessings. Do you sing the A’aronic Blessing to close or use The Prayer of Life?

    Baruch haba bashem Adonai!


    1. Norman, in introducing it to Christians who’ve never been through it before I don’t use the kind of resources you suggest. It becomes too unfamiliar – rather like a Sunday service where nobody knows the hymns or songs. However, some time when you’re unpacked in the new place (where are you going, in the end?) I might tap your knowledge of these things.


      1. Hi Dave, no problem – be glad to help in any way I can. I am moving to the URC in Middleton, Gtr Manchester. I’ll send you a private message via facebook with address info. etc. Induction is 22nd May (a Sunday, what was the Moderator thinking of? lol!).

        Must go – have a Free Church joint service to attend, soon.


    1. No, Norman, the lengthy post is here! For some reason it got caught up in moderation, even though I’ve approved comments from you before. WordPress must have done something strange!


      1. Thanks, Dave. If you go on the Christian Forums website using the link I gave you there are two ‘sticky’ posts in a separate box above the normal posts. the first of these contains lists of books etc that relate to the Messianic movement (Jews and Gentiles). I started the ‘sticky’ as an ordinary post with the books I used for my Master’s and it was made a permanent ‘sticky’ at the request of the members. Others have added more to the list. I thought you might be interested in scanning through it. Contramundum is an Anglican minister and Yonah Mishael is a linguist, living in Isra’el. Both are Jews. There are some way-out views put forward on the Forum (the link page I gave you) but these are countered by sensible folk, a number of whom are very learned. You soon learn to eat the meat and spit out the bones!

        Easter Greetings!


  2. We had a small, quiet communion service in the round at 20.00, faithfully led by Ruth Bierbaum, followed by a short break. We included 4 songs – From heaven You came, A new commandment, The Lord’s my Shepherd, (Townend) and How deep the Father’s love for us. We then held a Gesthemane Prayer vigil from 21.00 until 00.30, prepared and organised by Neil. It was so beautiful and very moving – he had powerpoint images on a loop, short films, silent periods and music, interspersed with read meditations based on the disciples, soldier, and by-standers thoughts and perspective. I didn’t think I would be able to stay awake (I’d been up since 04.00!) but the time just flew by and it was so powerful I didn’t want to leave. Although we have the benefit of knowing what happens next, it brought home afresh the agony of that night, and the amazing sacrifice Jesus made for us.


  3. I have to admit that, because I was still feeling ill, I stayed in and watched tv – while making greetings cards.

    I went to a Christian Passover many years ago. I seem to remember that it was interesting. But I think I’d appreciate it far more nowdays.


  4. Hi Dave
    We had our usual family Seder Night. We have our own liturgy based on the one on Michelle Guiness’s A Little Kosher Seasoning which I typed out with our own names for who says what and with pictures. We skipped hunting the Afikomen and searching the house for leftover leaven because of Paddy being laid up with his broken leg – but at least it’s one Easter tradition we can keep this year as Paddy’s leg is keeping us rather” confined to barracks”.
    It’s a lovely evening for us and the boys have said they’ll be coming back for this, just like Christmas, even when they’ve grown up and left home!


    1. Hi Liz,

      We only had one ‘child’ last night, and he was twelve, so he had to do all the child parts. He was suitably rewarded with the largest bar I could find of his favourite chocolate!


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