Afghanistan And Christianity

So this is the régime we western nations are supporting in Afghanistan: one which executes people for preaching Christianity.

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I'm a British Methodist minister, married with two children. I blog from a moderate evangelical-missional-charismatic perspective, with an interest in the 'missional' approach. My interests include Web 2.0, digital photography, contemporary music and watching football (Tottenham Hotspur) and cricket.

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  1. By percentage, Afghanistan is the most Islamic nation in the world. In the population, for example, there is only one Jew. Afghanistan’s religious perspective should be respected. Poverty, illiteracy, a lifespan of 43 years, corruption, and security are among the vastly more important problems than the one you cite.


    • Michael,

      Welcome here and thank you for your comment. I wouldn’t for one minute wish to minimise the social and health problems you cite. However, is it right for western governments to condone executing people for their faith? Is that what it means to respect Afghanistan’s religious perspective?


  2. Brothers and sisters any pressure on Afghans at this moment will be misused for propaganda purpose. Though you could be right that there should be a free opportunity to promote your faith but promoting Christianity at this moment will only make the task harder and provide fuel to the enemy. Afghanistan is a much difficult place than being thought by you. British were defeated in the 19th century, Russians were defeated in 20th Century and Now Americans are reaching near to their D day with every passing day. Lets pray for the welfare of all human beings.


  3. Welcome, and thank you for your comment. I know the history of Afghanistan is complex, and do not pretend to understand it all. I also do not want to see a repeat of Christianity being allied with western governments. I certainly would not want to give propaganda to the Taliban. However, there seems to be something cynical and hypocritical in the actions of the West here, and that is what upset me when I read this newspaper article. We can hardly promote justice while approving of a legal system that does this. I join you in praying for the welfare of all human beings.


  4. Hi Dave, My understanding of the article was that the Taliban was responsible for executing Christians, not the government of Afghanistan. While persecution of Christians is deplorable, Afghanistan is an Islamic country. It would be heartening to see a softening of the Afghan government’s attitude towards preaching of the gospel in that country – but I’m not holding my breath. Paul and I visited Egypt at about this time last year and we saw firsthand how differently an Islamic country operates as opposed to a “western” viewpoint.


  5. On reflection of my comment I’d like to clarify the statement “While persecution of Christians is deplorable, Afghanistan is an Islamic country”. I meant this to mean that the religion practised in Afghanistan is overwhelmingly Islam and an “outside” religion may not be viewed as “valid”. Indeed, I think Christianity is very practised in persecution of “outsiders” within its own ranks and therefore has no right to expect to be “welcomed” in a non-Christian country. Also, my statement “we saw firsthand how differently an Islamic country operates as opposed to a “western” viewpoint” was also not a criticism of Islam, quite the reverse.


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