How To Celebrate Your Birthday

Tomorrow, I shall do something I never achieved when batting at cricket. I shall reach a half century. After receiving an email from the Causes application on Facebook, I wondered about asking my friends to donate to a good cause. To cut a long story short, I couldn’t find any of the officially supported causes that would be just right.

However, here is a fantastic story of a man (admittedly with more abilities and connections than me) who was inspired to do something amazing for others through social media when he reached forty. Read the story of Danny Brown and be inspired. There is no hint this guy is a Christian, but there is so much we could learn from him.


  1. Don’t believe a word of it! 50 is the new 40, which was of course the new 30. (Something to do with inflation…) Happy birthday, Dave.


  2. Well well; welcome to our happy band. Down hill or not the decade has been fun for me so far with “x” years to go before the bus pass. It has seen completion of Reader training, both daughters married but living fairly near (OK that did affect the bank statements a tad!) with the elder having recently produced her second son! What will the “x” years bring.


    1. Well, I hope my daughter won’t marry just yet, as she’ll only be seven in a couple of weeks’ time! Thanks, Colin.


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