I’m Old, Therefore I Blog

The BBC reports that blogging is losing popularity among American teenagers, while rising slightly among the over-30s. Why?

One student said teenagers had lost interest in blogging because they needed to type quickly and “people don’t find reading that fun”.

Shorter updates are in vogue, but Facebook status updates rather than Twitter tweets. The increased use of mobile technology to access the Internet has exacerbated the need for brevity.

Meanwhile, those who continue ‘long form blogging’ may find some of their activities restricted during the forthcoming UK General Election. The Register reports that in the period between the election writ being moved and the election taking place, it may prove to be illegal to use one’s blog to campaign for a particular candidate. Facebook groups supporting a candidate for a specific constituency may also be illegal. It’s all about ensuring candidates don’t find ways around the limits on election expenses. The law hasn’t been tested, and returning officers are looking into it.


  1. Man, I just now joined Facebook! It’s taken me forever! Guess that makes me old. LOL! Anyway, how will they enforce this regulation they are talking about? It seems that it might be a bit far-fetched.


    1. Goodness knows, Dan. There are long-standing laws in the UK about election spending, and hence why leaflets supporting a candidate have to display the name and address of the publisher and printer. Yet in one sense a Facebook campaign costs nothing. I guess they just haven’t thought about the issue yet, and hence why they were going back for further discussions.


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