Why Pastors Quit

Brian Jones has a wonderful post entitled Your Pastor’s Dirty Little Secret. It’s all about why pastors contemplate quitting the ministry. He names two major reasons, and neither is to do with loss of faith or doctrinal issues, nor are they to do with ‘moral failings’. One is the problem of nasty and divisive church members who have never been confronted, but who have been allowed to continue to wreak havoc. The other is boredom.

What do you think?


  1. Dave,
    I read the post you were speaking of, and it is sobering. As a pastor in training (if that is a term), I hope that this isn’t something that will happen to me someday. More to the point, I hope that I can properly prepare for it.


    1. Thanks, Dan, and much as I recognise what Jones is writing about, I wouldn’t want it to become an excuse for a victim mentality: that’s one of the dangers. Nor, as he says, should we pretend that the reverse isn’t true, given the history of what some pastors have done to their congregations.


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