links for 2009-11-18


  1. I must look at these. Interesting stuff. It may be a case that some introverts may be less likely to depend on themselves, and thus rely more on His strength in our own weakness. I have no evidence for that – pure hypthesis so if anyone wants to shoot at it feel free.

    On a random website I found once, explring Myers Briggs and occupations which might suit them:
    ISTJ – Accountancy and other things
    ISFJ – Accountancy and “The Church”
    Again how scientific that is in terms of looking at desirabl;e characteristics for roles, or whether it looks at what we are drawn to – you tell me!

    Intersting is that I was Myers Briggsed at work 5 yerears ago and while I was a firm ISTJ overal, the Thinking/Feeling axis was very close to neutral. And I did feel the summary was a fair description of me. And I am an accountant, and now also a Lay Minister (Reader in CoE). I was “tested” after I started formal training. Have I gravitated/ been led to the right roles.

    Make of that what you will. But I would have described my vicar as extrovert – well much more than I am.
    I suspect all this unerlines the danger of “one person ministry”. A balanced team mixing characteristics seems the way to go?


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