Google Wave Invitations

I have received an invitation to try out Google Wave. I can give eight invitations out to friends. If you would like one, please leave a comment here or send me an email through my Facebook page. The first eight get it!

UPDATE: I’m afraid all the invitations disappeared very quickly between here and Facebook. I obtained my invitation simply by submitting my email address to Google, and eventually it came after a week or so. You might like to try that.

FURTHER UPDATE, 26TH NOVEMBER 2009: As I’ve mentioned in the frist update above and in some comments below, the invitations went very quickly. However, every few days I am still receiving requests for them. Since I cannot honour these requests, I am now closing comments on this post. Please do not email me about this; I will let you know if I receive any more invitations.


  1. Can you please send me an Invite. Its very much appreciated if i get one from you.



  2. To everyone who has requested an invitation:

    If I haven’t contacted you personally, then sadly I have to tell you I have run out of my invitations. If I receive any more, I shall make it known again.

    In the meantime, as I mention above where I have updated the post to reflect this, it might well be worth you simply submitting your email address directly to Google (search for Google Wave to do this). That is how I obtained my invitation: it took about a week, maybe two, to come through.

    I hope you all manage to receive one.


  3. Hi Dave – I don’t know if I would have asked for an invite, but I am curious as to what it is and how you think you would use it. Thanks!


    1. Will,

      The idea, loosely stated is, what would email look like if it were invented today? It wouldn’t be just text you type and documents you might attach which have to be sent and received, then read separately in isolation. Rather, it would be a combination of live online collaboration, rather like watching IM messages being typed word by word, with videos and other documents all available to be viewed right in front of you. It has great potential for remote teams working together, and doubtless a lot more with Google’s clout behind it. I think there’s a video available for people who don’t have an invitation yet to watch at If not, I’m certain there is an official one on YouTube.


    1. Sorry, as I said in a comment above and in the update I made to this post, I’m afraid they all went very quickly.


    1. I’m afraid I just need to reiterate what I said in comment #13 on 13th October, namely that sadly all the invitations went very quickly. Sorry to have to disappoint so many of you.

      I did receive a further quantity of invitations and then contacted the next commenters in chronological order to offer them invitations. However, if you have not heard from me, then the invitations had run out before I got to you.


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