links for 2009-08-17


  1. Oh good grief…are they serious???

    I knew Apple was secretive about things…..that’s the major issue I have with Apple products/software etc. is they refuse to make them compatible with very many others. (even Microsoft doesn’t go that far..). The level of secrecy described here amounts to a cult, if you ask me.

    But to tell this parent that if he tells his story, he will face litigation? What the (blank!) kind of customer relations is that? Their product exploded (tell me that’s not a hazard!), and not only are they not apologetic, they will only offer a refund if the customer signs a gag order!

    They should be bending over backwards with apologies, replacing the product, etc…….if that Touch had exploded in her hand, she would have at least lost an eye.

    (…..still shaking my head…)


    1. just realized I should probably reference what I’m talking about…in the Steve Jobs article was a reference to “exploding iPod in Liverpool. ” I followed that link for the story that I’m talking about.


      1. Yes, I know, Apple got slammed in the British media over that incident. No major respectable British company would have behaved that way. They broke all the received rules and wisdom about how to handle the PR in the wake of unfavourable publicity about a product. Rather, they seemed to act as if they were above imperfection, and could lord it over consumers. Bad move.


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