links for 2009-08-13


  1. Oh my well!!

    My wife and I both have spent years learning these! (we had an “interesting” start to our marriage…) Most of them work for us, but the hard part (as someone mentioned in the comments, I think) is trying them BEFORE it gets too far……..

    But we’ve always found that stepping apart for a short time to cool down is very helpful….and for myself, anytime I go off by myself and start telling God about this fight/argument/disagreement, I usually get the instruction to start with apologizing for my part, instead of focusing on the other’s “faults”.

    Great post Dave, thanks!


    1. I can’t say they all work for us, but a good number are helpful. I can’t remember now where I found this post – it might have been someone posting it on Twitter – but I have seen The Happiness Project before and have now subscribed to the author’s Twitter feed.


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