A Fun Game On Google

So here’s some fun you can have on Google. In the search box, enter ‘Do’ followed by the name of a corporate body, or ‘Does’ followed by the name of a famous person, and see what suggestions for possible searches come up. It’s good for a bit of inane fun.

Via Louis Gray on FriendFeed.


  1. ….and here’s another one for you…..

    type in “google.com”, to get to the home page.

    click on “preferences”

    in the “interface language” section, click the drop-down menu next to “display google tips and messages in..”

    and select my favorite, “Elmer Fudd”

    click “save preferences”

    …and check out your “Fudd-ized” google page!


    1. Thanks, Owen! I tried ‘bork, bork, bork’, which was the only other non-standard option on Google UK in addition to Elmer Fudd, I think.


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