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About Dave Faulkner

I'm a British Methodist minister, married with two children. I blog from a moderate evangelical-missional-charismatic perspective, with an interest in the 'missional' approach. My interests include Web 2.0, digital photography, contemporary music and watching football (Tottenham Hotspur) and cricket.

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  1. very interesting read, Dave…thanks for posting it.

    I had a Facebook and Myspace account for quite a while…..and they BOTH got hijacked (I’m assuming by the same person, as it occured at the same time). I was “locked out” of the accounts, but when my wife would go see my page, weird and often not-nice things were posted there. I ended up deleting both accounts, having to write to the administration of both to do it.

    I’ve just re-started my MySpace, and am being a lot more careful to use better passwords, and much tighter restrictions in all the settings. I mainly use these sites just to keep in touch with people – I never get into all the fancy apps and such. But I learned quite a bit from this article that I didn’t know.


  2. P.S. how do I go about changing the pic that comes up when I post?


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