Sabbatical, Day 82: The Cat

Little time for anything to report this evening. After we put the children to bed tonight, our eighteen-year-old cat fell off the sofa, fitting. Although she hasn’t repeated that and eventually her heart rate eased, she seems to have a problem with her hind left leg, and we also suspect from the way she is walking around that she may have gone blind. We spoke to the emergency vet on the phone, but would really rather she either slipped away peacefully here at home, or we get her to our own vet in the morning. Rebekah was still awake when this happened, and we called her downstairs to say a provisional goodbye, just in case this is the end.

So we’ve had our mind on other things tonight, and composing any theological thoughts hasn’t been my priority.


  1. Just read your Facebook – so sorry. We had a Cavalier Spaniel – very pretty face, very little brain, never stopped being a puppy even in his geriatric days. When I came back from taking him on the last trip to the vet, I cried like a baby. First time my wife had ever seen me cry. Our pets become part of us, and it really does ouch when they’ve gone.


    1. Thanks, Tony, today has been a distressing family day. As a dog lover myself (when Debbie and I married we had my dog and her two cats – now all are dead) I can quite recognise your experience with the Cavalier. Explaining to the children has been tricky today. Just as we come up with a model to explain it, they blow a hole in it.


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