Sabbatical, Day 28: More Ear Woes For Mark

Coming home from Bristol has not been a soft landing. Yesterday, Rebekah didn’t make school, having been sick the previous night. Mark was sent home at lunch time, complaining of stomach pains. They morphed into earache, which he has had ever since.

Later this evening, I have to take him to the emergency doctor service. We felt we couldn’t just keep administering the Calprofen and Calpol over the weekend and wait for 8:30 on Monday morning when our GP surgery opens.A recorded message on NHS Direct said we would wait four hours for someone to phone us back. However, the pain is consistent, always returning when the medicine wears off. Debbie read up on his symptoms, and thought it sounded like otitis media. The medical dictionary recommended contacting a doctor within twenty-four hours for a young child where that is suspected. So we’ve put him to bed, but will be rousing him later for me to drive him to see the doctor. 

This means that – just like most of the days in half term when he was ill – I have had no chance to give attention to my sabbatical studies. Mostly I have been occupying Rebekah while Debbie looks after Mark. Thus today has mostly comprised of taking her to her ballet lesson this morning, and going into town this afternoon. 

I think on that note I’m going to sign off for the day: I’m sure you’ll understand. If I don’t get back too late and the situation is markedly different, I may be able to update this post. However, I’m more likely to wait until tomorrow.


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