Sabbatical, Day 9

They must have designed the beds here for monks. Certainly my bed kept me awake enough last night to observe night prayer at all hours. I reckon I got about three hours max. I’m typing this before an early (by my standards) night.

Three different lectures today. An Old Testament lecture that was very lively and fun, which sang from the same hymn sheet as Chris Wright. A New Testament lecture that rehearsed all the standard evangelical points about the Holy Spirit. (I spent some time looking at pictures of the children on my Facebook profile.) And a lecture on discipleship in postmodern culture that didn’t for once start from the cultural context but from a spiritual theology based on the Fathers, especially Irenaeus.

Good conversation with one of the postgrad tutors, too. We got onto my occasional desires to do a doctorate. He suggested a Doctor of Ministry course would probably not stretch me, since the dissertation would be MA level, and that’s below the MPhil I already have. He was steering me towards a PhD. Just a few problems: a research area, and wrong time ministry-wise and for our children to contemplate it right now. And money. But maybe one day.

Tonight a ‘student sharing time’, praying for one another, followed – by popular request (but from whom?) – bythe return of the ever-popular ‘fun evening’. That proved to mean a quiz night. My team came second out of four. Given that we only had three on the team and the others all had four, we think we won a moral victory! It was a bit of an effort, though, with a headache from last night’s monastic sleep.

Anyway, I’m going to lend my laptop to another student in a minute so she can check her emails, then it’s supper and bed. Night night.


  1. Slept better last night, thanks. It’s extraordinary that they think it’s a twin room, though. Glad I’m not sharing it with anyone!


  2. we think we won a moral victory!

    yeah right

    we won the malteasers … and while I wasn’t the one to request the fun night (and would never have voted for it) I do think that it really helped the group to gell in a way the other courses at Cliff have not … and it opened up trust between us … and space for the Holy Spirit to move.

    But the whatevers 🙂 won. …and I was glad about it.

    As for the twin – that’s only for very intimate people – and only if you move the desk out into the hall (or share the single bed) … not that I’ve done either. For the MA weeks all the twins are actually singles … and you were lucky as you guys didn’t have the haunted pipes. None of us ladies slept the first night – it was awful 😦


  3. No, the fun night was good, and it helped me as an ‘outsider’ to the group to bond more with people beyond the private conversations. My wife would have been sick to miss a prize of Maltesers, though – one good friend gives her a box every Christmas!

    The experience with the pipes sounded awful.


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