Eugene Peterson Interview

Read this interview with Eugene Peterson – the focus is his most recent book, but he covers the general issue of pastors and language. So there is stuff on the importance of silence, of being conversational and not controlling, yet scepticism towards dialogical preaching and retaining a place for proclamation in the pulpit.


  1. Thanks for this really thoughtful,timely and helpful post Dave as we seek to ‘map the way ahead’ and reshape for mission. Drill bits vs holes is a great stimulus to fresh ways of seeing our task! Looking around its all too easy to recognise what you say and think of mindsets which would relish picking up cheap green chapel crockery on ebay, rather than ditching the lot and getting mugs….or pitching up in a coffee shop on the high street.
    love and peace,


  2. Don’t worry, Dave, I’ve made a note on the Epiphany post to send people here to see what you say. Anyway, I wouldn’t even have been looking at blogs so early in the morning. Must be the price of being a District Chair.


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