I saw Mum at the hospital today. While I was there, the consultant reported the result of yesterday’s bronchoscopy. They found no evidence of secondary cancers, so the worst scenario appears to be crossed off the list.

Next up is surgery on Friday. They will remove the lesion from her lung. While she remains under general anaesthetic, the lab will perform a biopsy and report the result to the operating theatre. If it is cancerous, they will then remove that section of her lung and presumably prescribe some precautionary radiotherapy as follow-up. It would most likely be a stage 1 cancer, caught early.

There is a small possibility it might not even be cancerous – say, TB. If so, then appropriate treatment will be prescribed.

Thanks to everyone who is praying – if you can continue to pray, I’ll be grateful.


  1. Thanks, Sally. Yes, they are fantastic at the Brompton. Wonderful consultant. Am going back today and taking Mum out to lunch to distract her from tomorrow’s surgery.


  2. You are all in my continuing prayers. It’s good to have one thing crossed off the list and I pray that tomorow brings more hope of recovery. (One of our Ministers faces cancer treatment today.)


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