More Blog Changes

I’ve made two more changes tonight to the way the blog works. First, at the request of Bill Kinnon, you can now follow RSS feeds for comment on individual posts. This is a recent addition on Typepad, and I hadn’t realised it had been introduced. See, it is as good as WordPress! (OK, I know we have to pay and WP is free, but … ) Thanks for steering me, Bill.

Actually, if you don’t like that method of following a blog conversation that interests you, let me heartily commend Commentful, a tool that integrates into the Firefox browser. (And you are using Firefox, aren’t you?)

Secondly, given recent advice from Typepad, I’m disabling the use of the ‘captcha’ tool for verifying comments. If a lot of spam gets through as a result, I’ll reinstate it. Hat-tip to Dave Warnock for spotting that one before me.

As always, if you have any thoughts on the changes, please feel free to post a comment. After all, it will now be easier to do so, and easier to follow the conversation!

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