streetdiversions 2008

Well, I may have had my photo woes on Saturday, but yesterday afternoon I managed to get some more photos of the streetdiversions festival. I've uploaded them to Flickr here, so although I haven't recreated everything I lost on Saturday, there are still photos of the wonderful Coneheads, Andrée Kupp, Stacey and Tracey from OzStar Airlines and others.

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  1. Oh, very fine indeed, actually. Have a look at my Flickr photos – great fun, and hysterical with the way they interact with the crowd.

    Nice to have you around – thanks for the comment.


  2. Hi Dave

    Love the vegetables!!!!…the carrots are are my favourite..absolute crazy (thats why they appeal to me!)
    Also i reckon the coneheads would look great in an episode of Dr.Who !!!



  3. Hi Paula,

    Did you see any of the festival in the flesh? My only regret about the vegetables is that I had better photos from the Saturday before my accident with the data disc. Everything was outside in the sunshine on Saturday, but on Sunday with the rain, a lot of static acts were moved inside High Chelmer, where the lighting was much poorer.

    As to the Coneheads, I think they’re hysterical. They’re fun with small children (although some get frightened), and a great laugh when they find other bald people out on the street. One priceless moment on Sunday afternoon was when they went into H Samuel and began chasing a couple of the staff around the shop.


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