Theological Roots Of Mission

In which Len Hjalmarson develops Alan Hirsch‘s view of mission as Christology – Mission – Ecclesiology: NextReformation » missional rooting. He points out that God has always been on mission, and that God’s work of mission begins with forming Israel. Hence the root of mission is not Christology but the Trinity.


  1. I think this is so very important. We usually wrongly begin with ecclesiology with little to no thought of Christology and it always seems to lead us in the wrong direction.


  2. Brad,

    Thanks for the positive words. This is something I have had to learn as someone who has previously majored academically in ecclesiology, and so the work of Hirsch (and Frost) have been a revelation to me. However, I think Hjalmarson makes an important point too above in seeing things in an explicitly Trinitarian way, and in rightly viewing the missio dei as beginning in the story of Israel. In fact, there was always the old sermon illustration where the preacher asks, ‘Who was the first missionary?’ The answer is God, in Eden, saying, ‘Where are you, Adam?’


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