Rob Bell Interview

Belatedly found this Rob Bell interview on Wittenburg Door: Rob Bell on Sex, God, and Sex Gods | Wittenburg Door. Here are a few juicy quotes from it:

I think it is sometimes hard for the American church to understand the
Bible because we are the Empire. We are the ones in power, the ones
with wealth.

God blesses you so you will bless the world and if at any point I keep that for myself, then I am in trouble.

Someone asked me the other day, “What’s the demographic of your people?” I was like “I dunno—sinners?”

I think if you are a follower of Jesus, everything you do is a life of
mission and ministry. I actually think the “call to ministry” language
was invented by Christians to excuse the disobedience of everybody
else. If you are thinking of going into full-time ministry—are you a
Christian? Too late.

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