This Isn’t The Royal Mail Christmas Stamps Blog, Honest …

 … But, there is another twist in the saga today. I have been emailed as a result of my posts here by Tommy Horton, a reporter on The Tablet, a Roman Catholic journal. Catholics would have particular reason for wanting the Madonna and Child stamps, and his journal has received letters from people detailing first-hand accounts of being unable to buy them.

He has spoken to someone at the Post Office who has confirmed the substance of their official statement (see the last post), and indeed I still can’t see why a loss-making business such as the Royal Mail would produce stamps they don’t intend to sell, just to make some politically correct stand. The spokesman (yes, it was a man) did say that more of the angels stamps have been produced, and these are the ones in the books of stamps. However, there was no reason for PO staff not to sell the Madonna and Child stamps, unless they had run out of stock.

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